Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Nursery

So I know this post should've been up a long time ago. I was waiting on the 2nd window valance to arrive because the one that came with the bed set was 6" too short (which I'm sure was very much planned by the manufacturer to sell more product - smart!) Anyway, here is Alexa's room and as you can see there is very little pink or purple because Paul had a very strong aversion to such colors (he has since lessened up on his dislike of these colors which is very helpful). Paul tried to explain to me that it was silly to buy a 6 piece baby bed set because it is recommended that you do not use the bumper pad or the baby quilt. I of course in my pregnant state did not listen to him but he was probably right. We don't use the baby quilt or bumper pad but I included them in this picture to pretend it was worth the money we spent. Paul was right again - though we'll just keep this a little secret.

The most comfy rocking chair in the world given to us by Grandpa Donn and Grandma Cheryl. This chair has been a lifesaver for those late night feedings!!

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  1. Alexa's room is so cute, Sara! The colors are soothing, even though they aren't pink and purple. :) However, I hope Paul gets used to pink and purple things because after all he has a little GIRL! And she's going to love being a little princess in PINK and PURPLE gowns, playing with Barbies that have PINK and PURPLE accessories, and likely will love to dress in PINK and PURPLE anything! :) Hahaha...