Wednesday, August 31, 2016

45 Years!

In August, we celebrated Grandma CeCe & Grandpa Tom’s 45th Anniversary.  A lot of family and friends stopped by and it was a really nice time!  Congrats Mom & Dad!!

Monday, August 15, 2016

First Day of School

This year the kids are headed to a new school since we moved.   Alexa is in 2nd grade and Parker is in Kindergarten.  Where does the time go?

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Parker Turns 6!

My silly boy turned 6 on August 7th.  We celebrated by going to the indoor play center at Mahoney State Park.  Parked LOVES it there and has a blast!  His cousins were able to join in on the fun which was great too!     Happy birthday, buddy!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Spring and Summer Favorites

Here are some of our favorite memories from this Spring & Summer

Alexa & Paul at the Mayor's Run

Alexa trying sushi for the first time (she was not a fan...)

Fun at the Lincoln zoo

Alexa found over 20 four-leaf clovers in our new yard!  She must be one lucky girl!

Parker and his teacher, Ms. Whitney, at the end of the year sing-a-long at school

Our first family trip to a Salt Dogs Game - It was super hot!

Parker got to play on a special needs baseball team called Homer's Heroes this summer.  What a wonderful experience for all of us.  

Uncle John took Alexa rock climbing for the first time!  She looks like a natural.

Alexa did several camps this summer including soccer camp.  She definitely got more in to it this year.

Mr. Toad liked to hang out in our garden this year.   He let Alexa pick him up on a regular basis.  

Parker and Great Grandpa Gene sitting together at the family reunion

Parker got his first wheelchair this summer.  He learned to propel it on his own fairly quickly.  There's no stopping him now!

The kids enjoying the big yard and fun toys

Paul and I got a 24-hr date and had a lot of fun at the Escape Room!

 The Marings are a family we know from when we lived in Phoenix.  They now live in Michigan but stopped by for a visit on their road trip this summer!   It was great seeing them again.

We had fun at the pool when we were able to attend developmental play group.  Parker loves the water and splashing!!

Parker is a bit spoiled in that he needs cuddled to go to sleep at night.  Sometimes Parker ends up putting Paul to sleep first, he he.

We had lots of fun with the new play structure!  Parker knows the sign for "swing" and would love swinging in the evenings once it cooled down.

 The Omaha zoo has a new splash pad feature that the kids really enjoyed.  What a great way to cool down on a hot day!

We took a quick getaway with Loghen to Great Wolfe Lodge in Kansas City.  The kids had a blast!