Sunday, April 17, 2011

Catching Up

I realize it's been awhile since I've posted.   I'll try to catch everyone up.

We took Alexa to the circus.

She liked it all very much....

until she had to hug a man dressed like a chicken.  
This she was NOT too fond of (and I don't blame her).
I'm not catholic but I thought it would be good to give up something for LENT.  I decided on chocolate and soda.  Soda is relatively easy for me but chocolate has not been.  It probably hasn't been easy on those around me either as chocolate is my go-to stress reliever.   It's no secret what I'm putting in Alexa's Easter basket - hoping she will share.  

Alexa would be perfectly happy to spend all day, everyday at the park.  She likes everything but the swings.  I've never been able to get her to swing.  I want to put a playset of some sort in the backyard for her but everything comes with swings.   It's quite the dilemma I'm in.
Alexa got a nasty case of croup, I got a sinus infection, and Parker got a virus on top of the lung infection he already had which has caused him to need oxygen, frequent breathing treatments, and extra meds.   We've been to the Doctor A LOT!

I continue to try and get a cute picture of the kids together.  Instead I get something like this...

or this.

I had to drop out of sign class because I missed four classes in a row due to sickness, hospital visits, etc.  This made me sad.  

On one of the beautiful spring days we've had (I'll ignore the fact that it snowed again a couple of days ago), we took Parker on a short walk around the neighborhood in a little red wagon.  

I think he looked pretty darn cute.

I started working on Fridays in addition to my on-call weekend rotation.

I poured orange juice into my cereal bowl, I broke the fish bowl - luckily the fish wasn't in it, and I almost rubbed hair mousse on my legs instead of lotion. Needless to say I've been tired. 

Alexa can't wait 'til she can go swimming again and she's been practicing her skills in the bathtub. 

AND Parker now weighs 19 pounds!!