Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Starting School!

The craziest thing happened in our household over the past couple of weeks!

Both of the kids started school!

Crazy I tell you.  Crazy.

I don't feel like I should have kids old enough to be starting school.  This is a BIG life moment for me and let me tell you I was an anxious mess going in to this transition.  

On August 12th, my little girl started Kindergarten!

She handled the whole thing like a pro.  She wasn't nervous at all and was really looking forward to it.  

I am so proud of her.  My smart, strong-willed, artistic, silly, super-talkative, energetic, loving, drama-filled, little princess is now a big girl.  I can't wait to see her grow up and see what she will be and do.  

I only got a little bit teary.  Watching her excitement and enthusiasm was fun and made this transition much easier. 

                                                           DREAM BIG SWEET GIRL!

The week after Alexa started school, Parker had his first day of preschool.  Let me tell you, this transition was probably one of the most difficult things I have emotionally had to deal with.  I wasn't sad really, just scared.  Scared to death.  

We've really sheltered Parker up to this point in an effort to keep him healthy.  We stay away from sick people at all costs and he's never really played with other kids his age.  Now I was turning him loose in a completely germ-infested environment full of curious little kiddos where who knows what might happen.  Again...scared to death. 

  Needless to say, turning over complete control to total strangers and hoping that Parker would stay safe and healthy and hopefully learn something in the process was completely overwhelming.  Most of the planning wasn't done until the very last minute which didn't help matters any but to my surprise everything fell into place just in time.   

The teachers and staff working with Parker have been very helpful and supportive.  They've definitely helped me feel better about things and really seem to want the best for him.  Parker was approved for a one on one nurse which was a number one priority of mine in order to send him to school.  This was a huge relief.

I think Parker's first day was a success.  He met a friend and didn't seem to want to leave.  He was definitely worn out but was happy to return the next day.  Yay!

Unfortunately, Parker only attended two days of preschool and is now sick.  I knew that was likely but was hoping it wouldn't happen.  I just hope his little immune system can kick into gear and he can fight off these germs on his own.  We will see.  If it's meant to be it will all work out.  I really hope it does.  

Parker and Alexa, I love you both SO much and want the very best for you!  This is just the next step on your journey and I hope it is wonderful for you!!!!