Friday, May 23, 2014

Being A SAHM Makes Me Want To Work!

I read THIS article tonight and it was exactly what I needed to hear.  It's all about how being a Stay-At-Home Mom (SAHM) isn't exactly what you had envisioned and is so much harder than you thought.

Well, AMEN sister.

Add to the mix a special needs child that goes to therapy 4 times a week, always seems to be sick with something, loves to pull your hair REALLY hard and needs constant supervision.  Then add in a very talkative and inquisitive five year old that never slows down and you have one worn out Mommy.  A Mommy who if she is being honest wishes she was working outside the home (more) again.

I know, that sounds awful.  What kind of Mommy wishes she was working outside of the home instead of being home with her kids?  Well...I wouldn't want to work 40+ hour weeks again, but part time would be pretty great.  A Mommy just needs to feel human sometimes, you know?

Today I did get a break.  In fact, it felt like a vacation day.   How?  Well....I went to work of course.  I only work a handful of days a month and it is seriously good for me.  Even though it was a very busy day at work, it felt so good to be a "normal" adult for 6 hours.   I didn't have to take Parker to therapy, I didn't talk to a single Doctor's office, I didn't have to deal with toys all over the floor and a house that is a mess.  I didn't have to see the piles of laundry that need put away or the dishes in the sink.  I didn't get peed on or have to deal with blowouts.  My hair didn't get pulled and my back didn't hurt from all the lifting.  I didn't have to answer a million questions or come up with a new craft project.  I got to put on nice clothes, do my hair and wear makeup.  I got to talk to adults that were nice and asked how I was doing.  I even got to listen to the music I like in the car.   Wow!!

So, thank you to the Mommy who wrote THIS article.  Thank you for making me feel somewhat normal for not thinking being a SAHM is completely wonderful all the time.  I don't feel so alone and will try not to feel so guilty about enjoying my "vacation days".

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Arbor Day Farm 2014

This past weekend, everyone in our house was healthy.  Well, healthy-ish.  This was pretty amazing considering our track record lately.  The weekend before was spent with Parker in the hospital since he had both a UTI & an Upper Respiratory Infection that required IV antibiotics.  Good times I tell you.

Well, since everyone was feeling well, we decided to take a day trip to Arbor Day Farm.  The weather was absolutely beautiful and we had a very nice time.  We took lots of pictures so I thought I'd share them.

The majority of our adventure was spent on Tree House Trail.  They have a lot of nature activities for kids

Parker thought the Xylophone made out of wood was pretty neat

Alexa had fun too

Paul got brave and climbed on the giant spider web with the kids

Then we all made fools of ourselves trying to walk on the "tight rope"

Paul is pretty good at setting the camera up to take automatic pictures of us.  Surprisingly, we got some good ones.

Once we were all red and sweaty, I thought it would be a perfect time for some close ups. Hmmm...perhaps I should've taken these when we first started our adventure when we looked a bit "fresher".  

All in all it was a good day.  We decided to pull the car over for one last stop on our way out of Nebraska City.  We had to ride on this merry-go-round you see.  Parker loves to spin so we thought he would like it.  I think the jury is still out though.  He liked it when he was on Paul's lap.  When we tried sitting him on it alone he wasn't so sure if he liked it.  I guess we'll need to investigate this further.  This will be a to-do list item for the summer I suppose.