Friday, April 8, 2016

March Happenings

I LOVE March.  Spring is in the air and we get to play outside once again!  

This March, we took a trip to the Omaha zoo with Paul's parents and Rivers and Ayela.  It was fun to see the zoo from the eyes of the little ones.  What a fun place to experience as a kid!

Paul got to attend "Donuts with Dads" at Parker's preschool.   Love this picture of them! 

We attended the Make-A-Wish Family Night at the Stadium.   We had yummy food, got to play games with Husker players, take a tour of the Stadium and play on the field.   So many fun memories made!

We had a wonderful Easter and even managed to get some cute pictures too!

Parker also started cruising around more things this month.  He learned that he could pull himself up to the kitchen island and walk around it and make all sorts of messes!   It's hard to be upset with him when this is such a great developmental milestone!  Good job buddy!