Tuesday, October 13, 2009

September Updates

This month Alexa weighed 18 pounds, 5 1/2 ounces. She tried a lot of table food this month and enjoyed sneaking bites of Mommy's breakfast in the morning. This month Alexa started "dancing". Anytime we put on music with any kind of beat she would start rocking back and forth. It's our absolute favorite!! Alexa also finally decided it was OK to drink her bottle/sippy cup by herself - which took a long time to master. A highlight of this month is that Alexa learned to soothe herself to sleep in her crib which was huge! She did have to go back on her acid reflux medicine because she developed a persistent cough that just wouldn't go away. We had her tested for food allergies and everything came back negative so Mommy got to start eating dairy and soy again which was more exciting than she could even describe. This month Alexa went to the State Fair, Mahoney State Park, the Lincoln Zoo (again), and did lots of shopping and errand running with Mom. Alexa also started going to MOPPETS while Mommy goes to a MOPS group at the nearby church.

Lincoln Zoo with Uncle John

Learning to Fall Asleep in Crib
So I was told if you want your child to learn to fall asleep on their own, do not take them out of their crib at night, just let them cry it out. Well my daughter got the "cry" part down fine but not the "out" part. She would scream bloody murder, hold her breath, and act like the world was coming to an end. This didn't stop or even lessen for that matter. Well there's only so much of this a person can take so I decided I would crawl in the crib with her -hey at least I wasn't taking her out of her crib. I didn't know Paul was going to take a picture but I guess it makes for good laughs. Well guess what, it worked. She felt comforted and was able to fall asleep and after that she did great!!

Having Fun
Alexa and her friend Madysen

Nebraska State Fair

Alexa loves Petting Zoos!

We were listening to Newsboys - they are playing in the background

Mahoney State Park
You can see why I asked Paul to wear the harness -
I didn't think I wanted to climb up the tower wearing it

We made it!