Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ten Years & Pie

Ten years ago tonight, Paul and I went to see The Whole Nine Yards and then we went to Village Inn for some pie. Why do I remember this? It was our first date and I never would've dreamed back then that in ten years we'd be sitting in Village Inn again reminiscing and having another slice of pie. We'd have 1 kid and another on the way and many crazy stories to tell. Wow!

Ten years ago, we were both seniors in high school and I worked in the Hy-Vee bakery and Paul in the Hy-Vee kitchen. He was probably the nicest guy I had ever met and he would stay late to help me mop the floors so I could leave too. Yep, that's what lured me in...he helped me clean. If only he still did that!

Well that was then....
Senior Prom 2000

And this is now....
We look exactly the same, right?

Wonder what the next 10 years will bring??

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And then there were two....

Baby Ladd #2 arriving in September

Monday, February 22, 2010

Baby Reunion

Some of you may remember that when I was pregnant with Alexa and working full-time at Tabitha, several of my co-workers were pregnant as well and we were all due around the same time. In April of last year, we got the babes together for a photo shoot which was quite fun!

In the photo above are: Ryland, Alexa, Colin, Emerson, & Cody

In January, we got most of those babies together again (4 of the 5) and added 2 more who are also co-workers from Tabitha whose babies came a little later.

Can you tell who is who?

Answer is: Savannah, Cody, Emerson, Asher, Colin, & Alexa.

How fun (or at least us adults thought so)...

My Favorite Things

I love my little girl! She is so much fun to be around and really does amaze me every day. Here's a list of my top 5 favorites in the last couple of months:

1) Getting Hugs. When I ask Alexa to give me a hug, she will run clumsily across the room right into my arms. It's the best.

2) Kisses. If I ask Alexa for a kiss she'll put her forehead on my cheek. I'm not sure where she learned how to kiss like this but I love it none the less.

3) When she says/waves "bye-bye". This was the first word that Alexa pronounced clearly. She gets her little hand up there and does her little wave and usually it comes out "buh-buh" although sometimes it's as clear as a bell. She says bye-bye to everything, not just when someone leaves.

4) Seeing Alexa play with her Daddy

5) Her toothy grin. Her smile melts my heart!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Valentine

Today Paul turned 28! Alexa thought she'd help Daddy out in his old age by helping him see better (x3).

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Peekaboo & Spaghetti

In case you were wondering what happens when you play peekaboo while eating spaghetti....

Gotta love it!