Friday, January 22, 2016

Christmas 2015 and Winter Fun

In December, we decided to try out some family ice skating.  Alexa loved it and was really pretty good at it.  My ankles made it about 2 1/2 minutes and I was done but it was definitely a fun experience!

We had a good time getting together with the Chamberlain clan for Christmas.  This group photo was a hit!

We also celebrated with Grandpa Tom, Grandma CeCe and Uncle John.   I forgot to get a group picture of us this year.  Ooops!  I did get some cute ones of Uncle John and Alexa though.

Then we celebrated Christmas just the four of us. Love this picture of the kids.

We also got together with Paul's parents, Serina and her kids.

We also traveled to Kansas to see Paul's grandma, Lois, and Taryne and her family.   While there we spent some time in Kansas City and then we took Alexa snow skiing for the first time at a little ski slope not far from KC.   It was a great new experience for her.   

The kids also had fun in the snow back home.

We gave Parker a bowl full of snow to play with from the warm indoors.   He wasn't sure what to make of it but did enjoy smashing between his fingers and then he ended dumping the bowl out on top of his head!  Silly boy.

Alexa really got a kick out of these big icicles!  

SNOW much FUN!