Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Summer means lots of things....

It means getting to wear cute little dresses,

having time to enjoy a good book (sometimes it takes a little while to find just the right one),

cooling off on the super hot days anyway you can,

lounging around looking at the flowers,

and spending time with family.

 But it definitely does not mean going on a boat ride (at least not again)!!!  Alexa went on her first boat ride yesterday.  To my surprise, she was a good sport about wearing the life jacket and was excited to get into the boat.  But that's where the excitement ended.  She absolutely HATED it!!  She cried and cried and I couldn't calm her down.  Honestly, I think she was mad at me for putting her in this type of situation.  So....Grandpa held on to her and gave her a big bear hug which seemed to help but this was still the shortest boat ride ever and I'm not sure Alexa will ever agree to such a thing again.  Which is a shame considering now both sets of grandparents have a boat.  Oh well, maybe we can try again next year (as long as someone else takes her).