Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Photo Book from 2013

Every year since Alexa was a baby, I've made a photo book at Christmas time that highlights my favorite photos and memories from that year.  I give a copy of the book to the grandparents and I think after five books/years, they have come to expect it.  I suppose it's a family tradition at this point.

Anyway, they are really fun to look back through and see how much the kids have changed.  I thought I'd attempt to share these books with you all as well.  Click HERE and then hit "full screen".    

Hope you enjoy our year of pictures from 2013.

Happy New Year to you all!!

Monday, December 30, 2013

The Best Christmas Gift of 2013

This year the very best gift we ever could have received was watching Parker crawl for the first time.  He's never really been interested in crawling and gets around by scooting around on his back.  He's pretty efficient at the scooting so never had any real need to learn how to crawl.

However, for some reason he decided he would start crawling.  Which we, of course, think is pretty darn great! 

He's got his own technique as he does with everything but it works and it will get smoother with time I am sure.

Here is a video of the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT of 2013!