Friday, October 9, 2015

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Family Adventures: MAY


To start off the month, Alexa ran in the Mayor's run.  She did a great job, had a lot of fun and seems to actually enjoy running.  She definitely did not get that from me!

Parker had some possible seizure activity so he had to go to the hospital for more in-depth testing.  These tests came back normal.  Hooray!

Alexa enjoyed having play dates after school with her friend, Katrina

Alexa received a reward in Awana for finishing her book and memorizing all her verses!  This really is quite an accomplishment as the kids have to learn a lot of verses and memorize all the books of the New Testament!   Good job, kiddo!

Alexa's Kindergarten field trip was supposed to occur at the Lincoln Children's Zoo but due to rain (and hail) they ended up at Lost in Fun.   The kids had a super time!  

Katrina and Alexa celebrated the last day of school by eating crispos in the park.  It really doesn't get any better than that I guess. 

While the girls ate their crispos, Parker did his favorite park activity

Alexa and I enjoyed watching the plants and flowers in the garden pop up and start to bloom 

We had all sorts of pretty flowers to enjoy.  All of which remind me of my Grandma Amy

For my birthday, we went to the mall and had silly fun.  We rode escalators and...

took family photo booth pictures. 

A very fun month with much more fun to come over the summer!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mommy-Daughter Vacation

In April, Alexa and I went on our first Mommy-Daughter vacation!  We went to Austin, Texas to stay with my friend, Suzanne, and her family.  Our other friend, Jill, and her daughter, Abbie, met us there as well.   

These are gals I've known since high school and we can completely be ourselves around one another.  We have gone on girl-trips together in the past but now that we all have kids it's been hard to find time to get away.  So...we decided we should just bring the kids along this time.  

Well, the kids did have a blast but it's definitely not the same as having a girls-only vacation.  I was so worn out by the end of the trip!!   It was nice to see everyone though and our kids got along great.  Well, except for Abbie and Masen - they didn't really seem to hit it off too well.  :o)

Suzanne has a beautiful home with a big trampoline in the backyard which Alexa LOVED!

We visited Six Flags one day and the kids had so much fun!  It was really hot but it didn't seem to bother them at all.  

We also visited The Thinkery in Austin.  It's like a Children's Museum and this was also a huge hit for the kids!  

The kids all got superhero capes when we were at Six Flags.  It's amazing how much fun capes can be!

There was an amazing pool in Suzanne's neighborhood and the kids got to play there on the day we left.  It wasn't busy at all!   I loved how well the girls all got along even though they are different ages!  

All of us Moms decided vacations with the kids aren't really vacations.  It was more like an expensive and far away play date :o)   So much fun nonetheless and Alexa misses her friends dearly!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Family Adventures: January-April

Oh my goodness!   I have done a terrible job with the blog this year.  I want to remember so many moments from this year so I thought I'd go back and post random pictures from the year, month to month.  It will likely take me a bit to catch up but I'll at least get started.   Thanks for catching up with us!


Parker so enjoyed doing water therapy....well, not so much the therapy part but he did love being in the water and splashing!

Parker ended up in the hospital for a few days but we both enjoyed the extra cuddle time

We enjoyed an unusually warm, sunny day at the park

Paul and I had a great date-night to celebrate Paul's birthday and Valentine's day

Alexa built the cutest snowman ever


Alexa got her first pedicure and I'm sure it won't be her last

Alexa loved having her friends over to make cookies 


Brownie got out for some sunshine and yummy grass

We enjoyed flying kites on windy days

We attended the Shining Star Event at the Lincoln Children's Museum.  This event is for medically-fragile children and their families. They sanitize the whole building and only a few families come so it's a safe time to take Parker.  There is no way we would take Parker to the Children's Museum on a regular, busy day so I'm so glad we got to go to this event.  And BOTH kids had a blast! 

We always have fun at the grocery store.  On the particular day, you could barely tell Alexa was in the cart!

Taking a walk with Grandpa Tom

In April, we also had a Mommy-Daughter vacation and celebrated our favorite holiday, Easter.  Those pictures to come...hopefully!