Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mommy-Daughter Vacation

In April, Alexa and I went on our first Mommy-Daughter vacation!  We went to Austin, Texas to stay with my friend, Suzanne, and her family.  Our other friend, Jill, and her daughter, Abbie, met us there as well.   

These are gals I've known since high school and we can completely be ourselves around one another.  We have gone on girl-trips together in the past but now that we all have kids it's been hard to find time to get away.  So...we decided we should just bring the kids along this time.  

Well, the kids did have a blast but it's definitely not the same as having a girls-only vacation.  I was so worn out by the end of the trip!!   It was nice to see everyone though and our kids got along great.  Well, except for Abbie and Masen - they didn't really seem to hit it off too well.  :o)

Suzanne has a beautiful home with a big trampoline in the backyard which Alexa LOVED!

We visited Six Flags one day and the kids had so much fun!  It was really hot but it didn't seem to bother them at all.  

We also visited The Thinkery in Austin.  It's like a Children's Museum and this was also a huge hit for the kids!  

The kids all got superhero capes when we were at Six Flags.  It's amazing how much fun capes can be!

There was an amazing pool in Suzanne's neighborhood and the kids got to play there on the day we left.  It wasn't busy at all!   I loved how well the girls all got along even though they are different ages!  

All of us Moms decided vacations with the kids aren't really vacations.  It was more like an expensive and far away play date :o)   So much fun nonetheless and Alexa misses her friends dearly!

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