Friday, May 23, 2014

Being A SAHM Makes Me Want To Work!

I read THIS article tonight and it was exactly what I needed to hear.  It's all about how being a Stay-At-Home Mom (SAHM) isn't exactly what you had envisioned and is so much harder than you thought.

Well, AMEN sister.

Add to the mix a special needs child that goes to therapy 4 times a week, always seems to be sick with something, loves to pull your hair REALLY hard and needs constant supervision.  Then add in a very talkative and inquisitive five year old that never slows down and you have one worn out Mommy.  A Mommy who if she is being honest wishes she was working outside the home (more) again.

I know, that sounds awful.  What kind of Mommy wishes she was working outside of the home instead of being home with her kids?  Well...I wouldn't want to work 40+ hour weeks again, but part time would be pretty great.  A Mommy just needs to feel human sometimes, you know?

Today I did get a break.  In fact, it felt like a vacation day.   How?  Well....I went to work of course.  I only work a handful of days a month and it is seriously good for me.  Even though it was a very busy day at work, it felt so good to be a "normal" adult for 6 hours.   I didn't have to take Parker to therapy, I didn't talk to a single Doctor's office, I didn't have to deal with toys all over the floor and a house that is a mess.  I didn't have to see the piles of laundry that need put away or the dishes in the sink.  I didn't get peed on or have to deal with blowouts.  My hair didn't get pulled and my back didn't hurt from all the lifting.  I didn't have to answer a million questions or come up with a new craft project.  I got to put on nice clothes, do my hair and wear makeup.  I got to talk to adults that were nice and asked how I was doing.  I even got to listen to the music I like in the car.   Wow!!

So, thank you to the Mommy who wrote THIS article.  Thank you for making me feel somewhat normal for not thinking being a SAHM is completely wonderful all the time.  I don't feel so alone and will try not to feel so guilty about enjoying my "vacation days".

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