Monday, December 29, 2008

Baby's First Christmas

Alexa is such a wonderful blessing in our lives and we are so grateful we got to have this first Christmas with her and spend it with our family's as well. Here are some more pictures we thought we would share:

First family Christmas photo

Alexa with Grandma & Grandpa Ladd

Alexa with Aunt Taryne & cousin Loghen

Alexa and Uncle John (looking good with his new haircut)

Callie did an excellent job helping John open his gifts. It was so funny!

Sara and her girls (Callie has been Sara's dog for 16 years. She lives with Grandma and Grandpa Dorn now though).

Alexa with Grandma & Grandpa Dorn

Alexa received many wonderful gifts for Christmas but some of the most special ones were the gifts that were homemade:

Beautiful quilt rack made by Grandpa Dorn

Quilt made by Aunt Taryne

Baby blanket made by Grandma Dorn


  1. I love all the wardrobe changes for Alexia! She's a cute one! What neat handmade things she received!!! Hope you guys are staying WARM!!!!

  2. What a doll she is! Beautiful Christmas dresses. :)