Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas to All

This past Sunday, we had family Christmas get together's on both sides of our families. This was the first time many people in our family's had seen Alexa. We were supposed to wait 8 weeks before Alexa was around a big group of people but since it is Christmas we decided to break the rules. It just wouldn't seem like Christmas if we didn't get to spend it with our family and that's why we moved back to Nebraska after all. I must say Alexa handled the busy day quite well.

The Chamberlain clan (Sara's Mom's side). Just pretend Paul's face isn't cut off in this picture...

4 Generations - Grandma Celia, Great-Grandpa Gene, Sara, and Alexa.

Paul's Immediate family: Paul, Foster, Taryne, Serina, Alexa, Loghen, Dan, Sara, Cheryl, Donn

Aunt Serina holding the very sleepy Alexa

Paul's niece, Loghen, was so very cute with Alexa. She had been waiting to meet her and is looking forward to when uncle Paul will let her hold her. I don't think Loghen expected Alexa to cry quite so much so I bet when Alexa calms down a bit the two of them will be good buds. I can remember having some older cousins when I was young that I really looked up to and looked forward to seeing whenever I could. I hope it will be that same way with these two!

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