Friday, December 19, 2008

Funny noises

This week Paul and I learned a trick - if we make fools of ourselves, Alexa will stop crying and get happy really fast. It kind of reminds me of the movie "Big Daddy" where the little boy, Julian, thinks it's funny when Adam Sandler gets hurt.

Alexa's favorite thing is when we vibrate our lips and hum. This gets her to stop crying, start eating, wake up, get instantly happy, etc. It pretty much works every time. The problem is this isn't something we can do 24/7. Our lips start hurting pretty fast and after so many minutes of doing this my lips just stop working. Sometimes singing works too and I've learned that I really do need to learn more children's songs.

So in each of these pictures, I guarantee we're making funny noises...


  1. You're not alone! We find ourselves doing all sorts of interesting and crazy things to get Isaac smile and laugh - should set up a video camera or something for a good laugh! Fun times! :)


  2. Love that last picture ... you must be humming, singing and dancing for that smile! I'll have to send you a list of our favorite kid's songs ... one that put Joshua to sleep was lullabies by the Beatles ...