Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Family Adventures: June & July

I only have two days left of 2015 and I am SIX months behind in my blogging.  Oops.  I hate to leave out these last 6 months as I’m sure I’ll want to look back at it someday so I’m going to hurry and post as many pictures as I can.  Perhaps a New Years Resolution for 2016 is to quit playing Candy Crush in my free time and do a better job of documenting memories!
This summer, we did a lot in addition to our Missouri vacation.   Alexa was involved in several activities as I thought I should keep her busy.  She did Clover Kids club which is a 4-H program for young kids.  She also did several clubs including a science club through Bright Lights, zoo camp and art camp.  To top it off she also did swimming lessons and soccer.   She definitely didn’t have much of a chance to be bored but I learned that is a bit too much to tackle in one summer!
Meeting a pony at Clover Kids Club

We also took a lot of trips to the zoo including attending “Dream Night at the Zoo” which is an event for special needs kids and their families.  We like this event because it’s not very crowded and we get to go on backstage tours and have up close encounters.  So fun!

Shortly after this picture was taken, the giraffe leaned over right in front of Parker and Parker may have kicked the giraffe in the head.  The giraffe was fine but we felt really bad.   Oh dear!
We also went to our first baseball game as a family

 We went to some movies
Visited the Museum

Went to the pool

 Alexa worked on her golf swing
Paul continued working on replacing our siding.   He even built his own scaffolding.

And Parker was up to all sorts of new shenanigans!
It was a really great summer with lots of wonderful memories made!

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