Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Day At The Farm With Great-Grandpa Gene

In August, we went up and spent the day with my Grandpa Gene and his friend, Geraldine, at the farm.   I'm so glad we were able to coordinate our schedules and make this happen.   This farm has been in the family for around 100 years.   I remember spending time here with my Great-Grandma JuJu and my grandparents, Gene and Leona, every summer when I was young.  I would love looking at the beautiful flowers my Grandma had planted, running from snakes in the yard (well maybe I didn't love that part) and going on walks and having adventures.     
This photo is taken in front of the same home that my Grandpa was born in
Alexa climbed her very first tree during our visit.  I climbed this exact same tree as a kid and I'm sure my Mom did too. 

My grandpa took us on a tour of the farm in the Gator.   I've never had a tour of the whole farm before and I really enjoyed it a lot.  My allergies didn't appreciate it, however. 

It was fun to hear stories of years past and to see trees that have been standing for hundreds of years.   Alexa had a lot of fun watching the grasshopper that jumped onto the dashboard and took the tour with us. 

It really is a beautiful place and I felt so relaxed there.   I was grateful to spend that precious time with my Grandpa and my family!

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