Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Family Adventures: August and September

For the remainder of the summer we spent as much time outside as possible.   The slip-n-slide was a huge hit again this year.

We took several more trips to the zoo. 

Alexa always loves going to Paul's work picnic because she gets to jump in bounce houses and get her face painted.   The butterfly was really cute this year.

Mahoney State Park is one of our favorite places and we love going there to spend the afternoon.  

Previously, Parker made it about two seconds every time we've tried to do a pony ride.  This time, I believe he made it a full lap before declaring he was done.   I'd say that is good progress!
Alexa, on the other hand, loves pony rides!
 And petting them too.

Parker prefers mini golf to pony rides.   Although he wants to do about 5 holes....not too.


We did find something Parker thoroughly enjoys though.  We met the cousins at the indoor play structure at Mahoney in September and Parker thought that was just about the best thing ever.  It was so fun to see how well he did at navigating through the obstacles.  It goes to show that Parker can accomplish SO MUCH if he wants to and if he is motivated!
We also did some fun science experiments.  

And caught some butterflies.  

This summer was really beautiful and the weather wasn't too extreme which we definitely took advantage of.  Writing this blog when it's December 29th and 20 degrees outside makes me very anxious for Spring!

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