Sunday, July 8, 2012

Backyard Camping

Last night, I took Alexa on her first camping adventure.  We picked out the optimum spot which just so happened to be in our backyard.  I managed to get the tent up all by myself (round of applause please) with a little help from Alexa when it was time to pound in the stakes.  

Since we were camping, we couldn't leave out the essential camping-related snacks.  With a bit of help from Paul, we pretended our grill was a campfire...  

and made SMORES!!

For her first experience camping, I thought it would be best to show her what a true camping experience is all about.  You know, complete with a mattress, electric fan, and the lamp from her room...just the absolute basics.

I'm sure the neighbors think we're crazy but that's all right.  When Alexa turned to me last night and said "Mommy, camping is really great" it was all worth it!!  

I love my outdoorsy little girl!!


  1. So great! Love it!

    Tonya S

  2. Would it be possible for me to use your 'outdoorsy girl' backyard camping photo in a small-scale print piece to be used in the Twin Cities area encourage parents to do such things with their children?

    1. Sure, you may use the photo and thanks for asking. I'd like to have a link to the article or a copy the print piece when it's done.

    2. Thanks the project is still in development, but I'd be happy to send you the piece when we 're done.

    3. Sounds great, thank you!

    4. You can look at the 'Go Card' set here:
      We can send you a set also - but we'd need your address.