Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Parker's Procedure Updates

Parker prior to his procedures saying, "Grrr, bring it on!"
Parker did GREAT yesterday during his surgical procedures.  The Neuro-Opthamologist wasn't able to make it afterall (we didn't find this out until right before Parker was headed back) so he didn't get the Botox injections in his eye muscles.  I knew I was nervous about the Botox but I didn't realize how apprehensive I really was until I found out it wasn't going to happen.  I was so incredibly relieved and all my anxiety and fears were virtually gone once I knew it was cancelled.  I took all that to mean it wasn't meant to happen - at least not at this point in time.

The rest of the procedures went very well.  Parker had no issues with the anesthesia and bounced back after better than he has ever before.  The GI Doctor and the Pulmonologist thought everything looked really good for the most part.  We are waiting for the biopsies to come back which could take up to a week but they aren't expecting anything too significant to appear.

The ENT involved in yesterday's procedures is the one who put in Parker's trach and she's seen him for numerous reasons and for several surgical procedures along the way.  She knows Parker very well and she was incredibly pleased with his overall progress both in regards to his airway and his development in general.   This was the first time she was able to say his upper airway was actually showing some improvement.  He still has some pretty significant issues (his upper airway is floppy, narrower than it should be, reactive - it swells easily, and is shaped like an oval instead of a circle) but things are looking better.  This is also the first time we've heard any Doctor say, "There's a chance he'll be able to get rid of the trach someday".  This is due to the fact that he is showing some improvement and because there are reconstructive surgeries available to help repair the issues Parker has. Of course, we'll just have to "wait and see"  but this was nice to hear.

Parker also had a sedated ABR (Auditory Brainstem Response) done.  This is a hearing test and it showed his hearing is a bit worse than it was in previous tests.  I was a bit surprised to find this out because I would've guessed his hearing had improved but it may just be that his reactions to sound are increasing.  The little guy also doesn't like to leave his hearing aids in so I'm trying to figure out a way to make him keep them in.  

All in all it was a good day with good news and we couldn't have asked for more.  We got to go home the same day and Parker has been doing very well since.  I'm so proud of my little guy and looking forward to the continued progress and improvements that I'm sure are to come!

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  1. I'm so happy to hear that all went well. It sounds like he is doing amazing!! Thanks for the update :o)