Friday, June 21, 2013

Mahoney State Park Adventure

My side of the family decided it was about time we all got together for a mini-vacation.  It had been a really long time since we had done something like that and this summer seemed like a good time to give it a go.  It was no easy feat to find a time that worked for all of us but we did manage to find a 24-hour period that worked for everyone.  We decided on Mahoney State Park for our little Adventure.   
 We started off with a little miniature golf.  John's girlfriend, Meggie, was the only one with any noticeable golf skills. The rest of us were quite a sight!  For some reason or another, I think this picture is pretty funny.

Parker even got in on the action for a bit.

Alexa didn't want any golf tips.  She wanted to do it all herself.  This is not at all surprising for my little independent girl.  She got super excited on the last hole.  I don't know if this was because the 18 holes were finally done or because she was celebrating that it only took her 8 tries to get the ball in the hole.  What a silly girl!
Next we climbed the super tall tower.  I didn't realize I had become such a chicken in my old age.  It was pretty windy and the tower was swaying a bit which didn't make me too comfortable.  Alexa wasn't bothered by it one little bit though.  She was running around in circles on the top platform like it was no big deal. 
Then John showed us that he's still a kid at heart. 

We went for a hike in the woods and enjoyed the scenery as well.  I loved the clouds that night. 

That night, most of us stayed in one of the cabins in the park.  Paul and Parker did go home for the night though.  The cabin was very large and had all the comforts of home.  I would've liked to stay for longer as it was a very peaceful place. 

The next day we went on a paddle boat ride.  Alexa loved feeding the geese. 

Grandma and Grandpa had fun too.
Then we went for some pony rides.  And now we know that Parker is NOT a fan of riding a real pony.  He did it for only about 15 seconds before we had to take him off. 
Alexa, on the other hand, had a great time riding her pony.

Parker did enjoy petting the horses though. we know.

Alexa could've petted them for hours.  She was having a great time.
Then we went to the playground and played for quite a while.  Paul and I took turns taking Parker on all of the equipment.  He really had a nice time getting to go down the slides, go on the merry ground, play with the steering wheels, and do what his sister was doing.  It sure did wear Paul and I out though.  Our little man is getting big!
All in all it was a great mini-vacation.  We all enjoyed it very much.  Hopefully we won't wait so long before going on our next family adventure. 

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