Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fourth of July Fun

We had a lot of fun this Fourth of July.   This is the first year Alexa has REALLY enjoyed fireworks.  The sparklers and the throw-and-snaps were her fav.  I'm sure she would've enjoyed doing some bigger ones "all by myself" but Daddy wasn't quite ready for that yet.  

Parker enjoyed the whole experience as well.  I wish I could've captured his funny faces on camera when he would hear the loud BOOMS!  His eyes would get big, he'd pause for a second to make sure everything was OK and then he'd smile really big.  I think he enjoyed seeing the big fireworks more than hearing them but all in all he did great!!

We celebrated on the Fourth at my parents house.  Taryne, Foster and Loghen joined us as well as my brother, Meggie, Meggie's family and some of their friends.  The kids had a great time playing in the water.

Then they all decided to jump into the water off the dock.  Foster went first.

Then Loghen went for it

And then Alexa tried it as well.  




They even talked Uncle John into jumping a couple of times 

It was a long but wonderful day that ended with us watching a firework display from across the lake.

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