Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Warrior Dash 2013

For some reason, Paul likes paying money to get together with a whole bunch of other crazy people and run in the mud.  Totally bizarre.  But, I must admit it's also pretty fun.  This year he chose to run in the Warrior Dash which was held in my parents hometown of Tekamah, Nebraska.   I was all prepared to go with Alexa and my Dad to enjoy a nice day outdoors and cheer on Paul while he did a whole bunch of crazy obstacles and got covered in mud.  Sounded like a good time.  What I didn't prepare for was a rainy, cold day with LOTS and LOTS of mud for all involved - even for those of us who didn't run the race.   

This was the BEFORE picture
This is Alexa and Grandpa Tom trying to stay warm and dry

Look at Alexa's face in this picture.  This is the best smile I could get.  Turns out this was not her idea of fun and now we know she does not care for mud - at all!  And, here I thought I had a tomboy.  Well, not so much.

We only got to see two of the obstacles which was sort of a bummer.  This is Paul jumping over fire.  Unfortunately, the flames were starting to die down right before Paul took his jump but I think this picture is pretty neat anyway.   

And this is Paul "swimming" through a lake of mud under barbed wire. 

The AFTER shot.

Love Paul's expression in this picture!

"Whoa, Dad.  You are a mess!"

How muddy I got just walking around

He did it!  Great job Paul!  And...the rest of us survived as well.  All in all, it was a fun day even if it was much messier and colder than we expected!

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