Monday, May 28, 2012

The Robin's Nest - An Update

If you didn't catch my first post about the Robin's Nest in our backyard, you can check that out here.  Paul has started calling me the "Bird Lady" because I'm a bit obsessed with my little feathered friends but I'm finding this whole process quite interesting and I enjoy getting to witness it so up close.  Anyway, to pick up where we left off...

A week or so after all four eggs were laid, Daddy bird disappeared.  I don't know if that is common for Daddy birds or not but I found it a bit sad.  He had been bringing Mommy bird food while she sat on the eggs and it was the sweetest thing.  It looked like they were kissing.  But with Daddy bird gone, Mommy bird had to do all the work herself and I felt bad for her.   Around this time, I found one of the little blue eggs sitting inside the flower basket but outside of the nest.  It had a very small crack in it and I assumed that Mommy bird had pushed it out of the nest.  I wasn't sure why but guessed that Mommy bird either realized this bird wasn't going to make it or knew she couldn't care for four eggs on her own.

Mommy bird became even more protective of her nest around this time.  She didn't like us to go into the backyard at all and would dive bomb me anytime I peeked in the nest.  I can't say as though I blame her but like I said before it wasn't really a prime location for her to place her nest.

Also, my hanging basket of pansies doesn't look so good anymore.  Momma bird wasn't a fan of me watering the plant around her nest and so it's gotten pretty sad looking.

Oh, and in case you didn't catch the first post or forgot, Day 1 is the day Mommy bird starting building her nest....

Day 19 - May 16th

The first baby bird hatched!!  This was 14 days after the first egg was laid.  It looks as though he or she is trying to pull his baby brother or sister out.

A few hours later, baby bird #2 hatched!

Day 20 - May 17th

Baby bird #3 hatched

Day 22 - May 19th

Baby bird #3 went to bird heaven.  I think taking care of three baby birds was just too much for Mommy bird to do alone.  It didn't appear like she could keep up with the feeding and it was incredibly hot with no overhead protection.  We tried to put the patio umbrella over the nest to offer some shade but it scared Mommy bird and she wouldn't come towards the nest so I had to remove it.  With all that stacked against her, Mommy bird did what she had to do and only two baby birds were left.

Day 24 - May 21st

The baby birds eyes started to open and their feathers really started to come in.

Day 25 - May 22nd

Baby bird #2 was gone.  I have no idea what happened to it.  At this point, my heart couldn't take it so Alexa and I went to the pet store and bought some mealworms.   I wanted to do whatever I could to help Mommy bird out so at least one of her babies would make it.

Day 26 - May 23rd

I put a little tupperware lid inside the hanging basket but outside of the nest.  I would put some mealworms on the lid every few hours or so.

Mommy bird would come and pick the worms up and give them to baby.  It worked out quite nicely and I told myself that Mommy bird appreciated the effort even though she would still squawk and dive bomb me every time I went outside.

Day 29 - May 26th

Baby bird started getting big and not so ugly. 

Day 31 - May 28th

The day started off with baby bird becoming more adventurous.

Then he (or she) started to test out his (or her) wings

And then tonight when Paul went outside, baby bird got scared and flew right out of the nest.  It was really fun to see him (or her) wander around and explore our backyard.

So one month after Mommy bird made her nest in the hanging flower basket on our back patio, one baby bird survived and is out hopping around our backyard as cute as can be.  I've enjoyed this experience very much but it will be nice to be able to walk into my backyard without fearing for my life and I will encourage Mommy bird to make her next nest in a more appropriate location.

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  1. I adored this entire story. Thanks for sharing!