Monday, May 21, 2012

The Good and Bad of Soccer According to Alexa

Alexa’s favorite things about Soccer
  • Picking the “daisy-lions” in the grass
  • That a lot of her family members (aka “my million people”) come to watch her
  • When her “million people” clap for her and tell her she’s doing a good job
  • When the coach lets her kick the ball in
  • That her last game was today and we're not signing her up again

What Alexa doesn’t like about soccer
  • That the other kids don’t take turns and won’t let her kick the ball all by herself
  • That she has to run around and chase other kids that "don’t share" for one hour a week
  • That she doesn’t get her own ball
  • That she is supposed to play with a bunch of kids she doesn’t know vs. playing with and getting attention from her “million people” who are sitting on the sideline
  • Everything else that has to do with the actual playing soccer part
In other words, soccer wasn’t a hit this year and I don’t think Alexa is sad at all that her season is done.   I’m pretty sure we’re going to try gymnastics, swimming or dance next time.   Hopefully that will go better because this super-competitive Mom who loved sports as a kid and always tried her best to win is having a hard time watching her daughter sitting in the middle of the field crying, “I don’t want to play soccer anymore.  I just want to go home.”  It's OK though because I will help Alexa find her niche - something she can be good at and enjoy at the same time.  Any suggestions on what activities three-year-old's should try?

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