Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Peanut Butter M&M's

I just have to say one thing about these mouth watering delights...

I LOVE them!

I could tell you how many I've eaten today but I won't.

That's my little secret.

I can tell you that today would me much harder without them.  Alexa woke up this morning with some sort of stomach flu and I have her confined in our bedroom.  I'm trying my darndest to make sure she doesn't come within 10 feet of Parker because goodness knows what Parker and the flu would be like.  And....he is scheduled to have 5 surgical procedures next Tuesday at Children's hospital and I want him at his best for general anesthesia.  None of the procedures are that big of a deal on their own but adding them together adds time to him being under and that's the part that makes me nervous.  Since I often ask for prayers on this blog, my big prayer right now is that Alexa would get better....FAST....and that Parker won't catch whatever this is and that the procedures next Tuesday will go smoothly and he will handle the anesthesia without difficultly.   Gee, that was a bit of a run on sentence, huh?

OK...I better go.  I think they are both waking up from their naps and I have much more to lysol and I'm going for a world record in laundry today.

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  1. You are my HERO! And I too have consumed my far share of peanut and regular M & M's today ... I'm not sharing the amount either!