Friday, December 31, 2010


So guess what?  I finally got those Christmas cookies, er I guess I should say New Year's cookies made.   When I asked Paul what kind of Christmas cookie I should make he said, "chocolate chip of course."  Well, chocolate chip cookies don't scream Christmas to me so I made gingersnaps instead.  I used a recipe I hadn't used before and I think it was pretty good.

The other finally is that I am FINALLY going to post a family picture of us.  Yep, that's right.  My gracious co-workers Jeannie & Libby came over and took a photo shoot of our family.  It was pretty funny really.  Alexa didn't want to participate all that well and Parker slept through the whole thing.  So although we got a few where we all were looking at the camera...

 most of them looked something like this...

or this...

or this...

Here's what we were all thinking in case it wasn't obvious: 
Sara - "Just keep smiling."
Paul - "Are you serious?"
Alexa - "Get me out of here!"
Parker:  "I really could sleep better if you would quit moving me around so much crazy lady."

Oh well it was fun nonetheless and we did get some good ones of the kids.

And my favorite one of the bunch of my boys:



  1. I have to say that you guys absolutely amaze me and you have all been in our prayers constantly and will continue to be. We are here if you need anything so please feel free to call! God bless you in the new year!

  2. Great family pictures! Love the outtakes! Those are my favs! So much character and fun! Love how A is looking at you in that one pic and how she looks as P. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!