Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Confessions

1. Didn't get Christmas cookies made before Christmas (although credit should be given for thinking there would be time to get this accomplished and buying the needed ingredients)

2.  Will undoubtedly have just as much fun with the kids' new toys as they will

3.  Christmas tree was put up in back corner of dining room because effort was not put forth to try and rearrange the living room for a more practical spot (it did get put up just in time for Christmas though)

4. Missed the night nurses terribly and appreciate them very much now

5.  Hates sweet potatoes no matter how much they supposedly taste like dessert

6.  Truly believes that "sweets" are a major food group and is apparently trying to see how many calories one can get just from dessert items 

7. Can't seem to get daughter to bed before 10:30p

8.  Would totally wear pajamas all day, everyday if and when possible

9.  Discovered the joy of on-line shopping

10.  Husband hates the above mentioned contentment from purchasing anything that is not a necessity and makes one feel guilty for doing so

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