Sunday, March 10, 2013

Children's Art Wall

The thing about having a four-year-old in preschool is we end up with A LOT of artwork.  Which is great...but I only have so much room on my refrigerator.  Alexa loves to display her creations and I thought there must be a better way.  So...I made an ART wall.   I looked on Pinterest for inspiration and although I found a bunch of cute ideas, I ended up going in a bit of a different direction than anything I had found.

I started by finding several frames that I already had but weren't currently being used.  I laid them out on the floor to try and get a feel for what the final conglomeration might look like.  I ended up using a couple more frames than what I had laid out originally.

Then I got my bucket of acrylic paint out and painted all my frames a different bright color.  Paul thought I was going crazy because I typically don't go with BRIGHT colors but I assured him it was going to be OK.

I put fabric in some of the frames, left the big center frame open and added a couple of different accents just for interest and texture.  Then we added the artwork.  We've already changed the artwork out many times and Alexa has a great time picking out pictures to hang up next.

It was a fun project that definitely adds a bit of color and fun to our dining room!

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