Monday, October 15, 2012

Little, Bumpy Pumpkin

This weekend, I took Alexa and her friend, Madysen, to a pumpkin patch that is not too far from our house.  It's geared towards little kids and it wasn't very busy at all but we had a lot of fun.  

I asked the girls to "smile" but I didn't realize they were making funny faces instead.

The corn box was a hit!!  I think they were a little too big for it but since it wasn't busy I let them play anyway.  I think anyone would have fun in a big trough of corn!

They also had fun laughing at the silly goats.  The little guys were very animated.  They definitely know how to work for their food!

They enjoyed feeding the llama too!  

The highlight of the day for both girls was the bouncy house.

It was nice because they pretty much had the whole thing to themselves for BOTH of the times they bounced in there.

My favorite picture of the day!

They both picked out a pumpkin before we left and I thought it was very thoughtful of Madysen to pick out a little pumpkin for her new little brother as well (he's only 1 1/2 weeks old).  What a good big sister!! 

Alexa let me pick out a large pumpkin but she fell in love with this little tiny pumpkin (or maybe it's a squash?).  

I said, "Alexa you don't want that pumpkin.  It's small and bumpy and wouldn't be much fun to decorate."
Alexa replied, "But Mom...If I don't pick this pumpkin, no one will."  And then she gave me big puppy-dog eyes.
How could I say No to that?
She is my silly goose with a big heart for little, bumpy pumpkins... 

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