Monday, August 13, 2012

A Baby Einstein Birthday

This weekend, we had Parker's 2nd birthday party with a small group of close family members.  I wanted the theme to be meaningful for Parker but this was a bit tricky to accomplish.  Parker's not really into any of the popular characters out right now.  Sure, I could have done an Elmo, Curious George, or Backyardigans party for Parker and he would've been perfectly content but I wanted to pick something that he really cared about.  And that would be...Baby Einstein.  

Parker's favorite thing to watch are the Baby Einstein videos.  When the videos start up, a multi-colored caterpillar walks across the screen and Parker's eyes light up and he grins from ear to ear.    I googled Baby Einstein-themed party supplies and was pleased to see that a lot of choices popped up.  Upon further searching; however, I discovered that everyone was out of stock on these items.  I couldn't find anything that was readily available unless I wanted to pay a premium on "vintage party supply" sites.

I did purchase one package of Baby Einstein party hats off of e-bay but I decided that the rest of the decorations would have to be made by hand.  I figured Alexa would enjoy helping with this and I was right.

We started out with the invites.  

Alexa even made her very own version.

Next we made a banner to hang on the fireplace.

Since Parker loves balloons so much, we strung various colors of balloons on string and hung them up in the party areas.  This is my new favorite Pinterest idea.  So easy!!
Then we made a very silly centerpiece out of balloons.  

I actually considered trying to make Parker's birthday cake myself but then realized how disastrous that could be and I ordered it from our trusty Hy-Vee bakery instead.

The party itself was a hit.  Parker was a bit sleepy but did very well.
Parker and his Aunt, Taryne.
Getting all the kids to smile at once was quite a challenge.

Alexa was excited to help blow out Parker's candle.

I'm quite sure there are no toys left in the stores.  Parker is a little lot spoiled.

Lovin' his handmade book from Aunt Taryne.

And before anyone had even left, Parker fell asleep right on the middle of the living room floor.  All that partying had by little two-year-old all tuckered out!!

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