Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lost in Fun with Cousins

When Alexa's cousins, Foster and Loghen, were here over the Christmas break, I took them all to an indoor playground called Lost in Fun.  They had a great time and I know Alexa felt so special that her older cousins spent so much time with her and she was able to do the same activities as the big kids.  

This play structure said it's designed for 5 years and up but there was no stopping Alexa.  She was probably the shortest kid in the thing but she is a little monkey and had no problem at all pulling herself up onto each platform and climbing as high as she could go.  She wasn't quite as fast as Foster and Loghen but they did a good job letting her keep up.

Alexa has never been a fan of bounce houses but that all went out the window when both of her cousins were bouncing away.  Now she can't enough of them. 

Foster is so great with Alexa and played with her so well.  I don't think you can say that about all nine year olds. 

Loghen sliding down the bounce house slide.

They had a great time in the ball pit.

Foster built a great tower out of foam blocks and Alexa decided she wanted to get in on the action towards the end.  She thinks she's taller than she is...


Alexa has asked several times if she can go back to the "indoor park" with Foster and Loghen.  Hopefully, now that they will be moving back closer they can get together for more fun activities soon!

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