Monday, August 15, 2011

Parker's Celebration

We had Parker's ONE year birthday bash on Saturday.  There were just over 30 people attend his celebration and we felt so blessed to have so many people come and make Parker's birthday special.  

When Parker got his trach, he was no longer allowed to eat by mouth and has been getting all of his feedings through his g-button.  We have tried feeding therapy and taste trials a few times in the past without success as Parker just hasn't been able to swallow safely.  We are currently trying taste trials again and we thought what better thing to taste than this:

We got Parker his own little cake and let him squish it between his hands and make a huge mess.

We didn't let him eat any of the cake but did let him have a few licks of the 





And, it was a huge hit!  Parker has never responded this positively to any of the taste trials we have done before.  I'll have to let his therapists know that we should just use frosting and Parker will figure out this eating thing in no time!

Parker wasn't the only one who enjoyed the cake,

Alexa and her new friend Jentry thought it was pretty great too.

Then it was activity time.  Parker absolutely loves balloons so we had everyone create their own balloon face for him.  

It was really fun to see what people were able to create with magic markers,

 party hats, construction paper, yarn,

 ribbon, googly eyes and stickers.

There were definitely some very imaginative, creative and fun people in our midst that day.  

How impressive!
And Parker enjoyed his balloon creations very much!

So much so in fact...

he crashed!

There were some balloon casualties but for those that did survive, they are now hanging up on our dining room windows and Parker is still enjoying them very much!!

Happy FIRST birthday to my little big boy!  We love you so much and are very proud of you!!

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