Monday, August 22, 2011

Around Here

Around here, chocolate is a very important and not to be neglected food group

Around here, we sing a lot of songs (mostly Baa Baa Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Jesus Loves Me)

Around here, the laundry piles up often

Around here, sleep is cherished

Around here, oatmeal gets served for supper occasionally

Around here, we love sidewalk chalk, PBS cartoons, coloring, and play-dough

Around here, potty training with the oldest child is complete

Around here, sometimes we don't eat dinner until 8:00p

Around here, we give lots of hugs

Around here, the to-do list is so long we don't even know where to start

Around here, we've been listening to music on cassette tapes on a boom box that was purchased at Goodwill

Around here, we are going to have to get another Doug (for those of you that missed that post, it was our fish)

Around here, when we lose a couple of pounds we make up for it with cookie dough (and lots of it)

Around here, the one plant that was thriving and stayed alive for more than two years was pulled off the table along with the tablecloth when the oldest child fell off the dining room chair

Around here, sometimes we stay in our pajamas until lunch time 

Around here, we are amazed at the huge spiders outside the house and think they're pretty cool (as long as they stay outside)

Around here, we are awaiting a weekend when there is nothing to do or get done

Around here, we go to the Doctor A LOT

Around here, making your bed is optional

Around here, we get very excited about the milestones (no matter how big or small) that our kiddos meet

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