Sunday, February 13, 2011


Alexa has some pretty cool toys.  She has books that read themselves to her, stuffed animals that talk to her, toys that light up, play music, and interact with her.  But you know what her favorite toys are?  Paul's old toys from when he was a kid.  Especially the weeble people.

Why do we buy her the latest and greatest toys?  I really don't know?  Oh yeah, probably because we (as in Mommy and Daddy) like to play with them.

When she's not playing with weeble people, you may find her: 

sitting in boxes

discovering the joy of sponge curlers

making sure Parker gets in on the action

making tents out of blankets in the living room 

 playing dress up

and, again, not leaving Parker out (he looks thrilled).

Not only does Alexa like "old-school" toys, she also likes movies from the past.  You'd think with all of the blu-ray/high-definition DVD's out there with the bright colors, fun music, and silly characters that she'd really enjoy watching movies with all that jazz.  Well, not my daughter.  Her favorite is none other than Tom & Jerry.  Whenever I tell her that we can watch a movie for a little bit (usually when I have to get something done without the help of a 2-year old) she always asks for "Tum an Jereeee".  The problem we have is that there isn't much out there these days for Tom & Jerry.  And Tom and Jerry definitely doesn't tour live.  So when "Elmo's Healthy Heroes" came to town, we thought we'd see how she liked it. was a hit!!

But the next time she was allowed to watch a movie again it was still "Tum an Jereeee".   Oh well.

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  1. The boys just found Ben's old GI Joe's and played with them ALL DAY LONG! So fun!