Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Parker's procedure updates

I promised updates to many of you regarding Parker's procedures today so here it goes:

Everything went as well as could be expected and Parker came out of anesthesia very grouchy but OK all in all.  The hearing test showed mild to moderate hearing loss in both ears and hearing aids have been recommended.  We expected this.  He got scoped all over and many pictures were taken of his inner workings.  He also got biopsies taken in many different spots.  We are just waiting results at this time and that could take up to a week.  The GI Doctor said nothing jumped out at him as concerning so the stool issues Parker has been having are most likely due to a milk/soy intolerance.  So no more breast milk or affordable formula.  Instead he's recommending a highly specialized, prescription-only formula to switch to.  My new battle will be to see if I can get insurance to help cover this.  Wish me luck :o)  The ENT said Parker's airway hasn't really improved at all since her last look and the underlying cause for all of that is unknown at this time.  So...don't know if/when the trach will get to come out.  She will just keep closely monitoring him and we'll have to wait and see.  

I got to hold him as soon as they let us see him and that made my day.  He's sleeping well now and I hope he gets to feeling like his old self again soon.  We're just hoping for no further complications and that we can hopefully go home tomorrow!  Thanks for the prayers!


  1. Sure it made his day to snuggle with his mommy! We have friends who had to use the Elicare (SP? or maybe a different name?) and there insurance did cover it. We'll be praying!

  2. I'm glad Parker made it through o.k. Hope he gets to feeling back to his normal self soon!! Darn Milk/Soy intolerance that is the pits. Thanks for the update and take care.