Thursday, May 5, 2016

The New House

In April, we moved to what we hope will be our forever home.   Paul and I had been looking at homes and talking to builders for a long time.  Our wish list was pretty extensive and it had been difficult to find what we were looking for.  Accessible homes with larger bedrooms and bigger yards seem really hard to come by and we had just about given up hope.  I happened upon a small acreage just outside of town that had most of what we were searching for and to my surprise, Paul wanted to take a look.    Houses were moving really fast at the time so as soon as we saw it, we had to make a decision.  Paul and I both felt like it was the one for us so in no time we had our offer in and it had been accepted.
There were definitely bumps in the road.  A lot of them.   Things went smoothly when it came to selling our current house.  We got it all ready and up for sale very quickly.  Paul did a lot of last minute projects to get it in tip top shape and we listed it for sale by owner and had it sold in one week.   The buyers of our home were flexible and easy to work with. That was reassuring.  But just about everything that could go wrong on the other end did.  We were afraid we were going to be left without a home at all at one point and then the bank and title company messed up and our closing date was moved which messed with all of our plans and that about put me over my stress limit.   With lots of help from family and friends at the last minute, we did get moved out and into our new home with at least most of our sanity still intact. 

The new house

Outside our front door.   We love the "country" feel and Parker LOVES his new bike trailer that we got.   Don't worry, he normally does wear a helmet but this was the first trial run with the new trailer and Parker's new favorite activity!

Paul and Alexa built a new swingset shortly after moving in.   

We love the big yard but it is a lot to mow.  Both kids really enjoy riding on the lawnmower with Daddy!

Alexa had a lot of fun painting her new room!

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