Sunday, November 8, 2015

Alexa's Art Party

For Alexa's 7th birthday, she decided she wanted to have an ART PARTY.   She had attended an art camp over the summer at Art Planet and thought that would be a fun place to have the art party.  I found cute invites on Etsy and we invited the girls in her 1st grade class (and a couple of their siblings) from school.  

The girls all got to make their own work of art. 

The instructor walked them through the steps but encouraged them all to make theirs unique.   

Look at these fabulous creations!

While their paintings dried, we had cupcakes.   Alexa wanted colorful cupcakes with sprinkles which was easy enough.    She also picked out crayon candles which all the girls seemed to like.

Alexa was so embarrassed when they made her wear this hat!

They are doing "cheers" with their cupcakes!

We took some photos with the props in the studio 

And before everyone left, we got a group photo with all the girls and their paintings.  They turned out pretty great I think!

This was a super fun party idea and everyone seemed to have a good time.  Thanks to all of Alexa's friends that were able to celebrate with her at her art party!

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