Friday, April 26, 2013

Our Wild Safari

Today we visited Wildlife Safari Park with Paul's sister, Taryne, and her kids. 

 We only live about 30 minutes from here but had never been.  It was a lot of fun and really allowed you to get very close to the animals.  Most of the adventure requires you to drive around and look at the animals from the safety of your car. 

 Parker may not have seen most of the animals but I do believe he got a good look at the buffalo since they are so big and we got so close.  He also enjoyed driving around slowly with the wind blowing in his face.

 We saw several different animals and birds as well.  The cranes below are pretty famous in Nebraska but I don't think I've ever seen one up close before and they are bigger than I thought they would be.

The other part of the adventure allows you to get out of your car.  There was a small petting zoo area with goats and chickens.  Alexa loved this, of course.  One of the goats tried eating Alexa's tutu which was pretty funny.

Then we went on a walking trail that allowed for several photo opportunities.

And before we knew it, the walking trail turned into a pretty good hike.  I'm sure glad Paul was along to maneuver the stroller up the inclines.

We also saw some beautiful scenery.  In a few weeks when everything greens up a bit more, it will be even prettier!

By the end of the hike, Parker was out.  I guess that's how we know it was a successful trip.

It was a wonderful day and I'm so glad Spring has finally decided to show up.  We can't wait for more beautiful days so we can enjoy the "wild" outdoors as a family!

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