Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Silly Three-Year-Old

Alexa:  "I sneezed.  Can I have some handitizer?"

Me:  "Alexa, I love that you and Parker are having so much fun together and laughing.  It makes me really happy."
Alexa: "Momma you should put it on Facebook."

Me: "Alexa look at the big plane in the sky (it was a military plane of some sort)."
Alexa: "Mommy that plane is big because it ate all of it's food."

Me:  "Alexa, Mommy is tired this morning so please don't push my buttons."
Alexa:  "Momma, where are your buttons?"

Daddy:  *big sigh*
Alexa: "Daddy, do I drive you crazy?"

Paul and Alexa were walking out of a store when Alexa saw a woman with an eye patch on and yelled, "Look, Daddy!  It's a pirate!"

Alexa saw a man who was balding and shouted in utter amazement, "Look, Momma!  That man doesn't have any hair.  Where did it go?"

Alexa:  "When I get bigger I'm going to get married."
Me:  "Who are you going to marry?"
Alexa:  "Daddy."

Alexa:  "I talk a lot Daddy."
Daddy:  "Yes you do, honey!!"

Alexa:  "Where are we going Daddy?"
Daddy:  "We are going to gymnastics."
Alexa:  "This isn't the way to gymnastics.  This is the way to Grandma's."  (Paul took a different route than I did the week before and she was correct, it was the street we take to go to Grandma's).

At prayer time, I asked Alexa to tell God what she was thankful for.  Alexa says, "Thank you Lord for flowers, butterflies, houses, people, and bears."  I really have no idea where the bears part came from.

Alexa:  "Momma, I love you.  You are the most best."


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  2. So cute! I love the "I talk a lot" one ...