Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Little Extra Love

At Paul's birthday party, we were able to get some good pictures of Parker with his family members and I thought I'd share.
Parker with Uncle John and his girlfriend, Meggie.
Parker with Grandpa Tom
Parker wtih Grandma CeCe.  She still had her silly hat on.
Parker with Aunt Taryne and Alexa
Parker and Grandma Cheryl
Parker and Grandpa Donn
I think this is the most attention Parker has received from so many different people in one day.  He was feeling well and was interacting with everyone even though by the end of the night he was pretty tired.  My little guy is getting to be so big and is really developing a personality!  Since we don't take Parker out of the house during this time of year, our days can get a little monotonous.  It was nice to have so many people come over, break up the routine and shower Parker with a little extra love.

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