Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Photo Outtakes

It is always quite the adventure to get a family Christmas photo where everyone in the picture is looking their best.  This year, I didn't even attempt to get Paul and I in on the action because I knew it would be hard enough just to get both kids looking at the camera and smiling.   Well, I was right.  We tried on numerous occasions to get the perfect shot and on numerous occasions we got anything but.  However, looking through all of them was quite funny.  We got...
profile shots,
one kid is smiling perfect while the other looks like they are picking their nose shots,
sweet big-sister moment shots,
unwanted (but cute anyway) kissing shots,
admiring my big sister shots,
beeping the nose shots,

"I'm so done" shots,
"Giddy-Up" shots,
"I'm trying to smile big" shots,
"This is so not fun anymore" shots,
"You want to see my belly?" shots,
Popeye shots,

Daddy caught tickling shots,

and "Dad, are you serious?" shots.

 But through it all, we also got some keepers. 

Good thing for digital cameras!!

1 comment:

  1. I love them all! Especially the one of A touching his nose!!! So sweet! They are gorgeous!!!! Have a wonderful Christmas!!!!!!!