Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Squirt Park









It's a new splash park that Lincoln has and we decided to check it out one day when he had respite for Parker.  We tried telling Alexa it was a splash park but she calls it the "squirt park".  It's perfect for small kids Alexa's age.  It has lots of water and some playground equipment on the sides.  

After splashing for quite awhile, Alexa decided she wanted to go over and play on what she called the "spider web".  There were two boys playing on it and when we walked over the conversation went something like this:

"You're too small to play on this," said one of the boys.

Alexa looked at me, crunched up her eyebrows and said, "I climb the spider web."

"You can try and I will help you,"  I said.

But my little monkey didn't need help. 

She got up about half way and was so proud of herself until...

"I can go all the way to the tippy-top," the little boy proclaimed!  He was quite sure the girl who was "too small" to play on this wouldn't go to the tippy-top.

Well, my little girl likes a challenge and wasn't about to let this little boy tell her what she can and can't do so guess what she did?

"I climb to the tippy-top too" she said excitedly.

So...the boys left.  Good thing they didn't stay to see that Alexa wasn't quite so confident in going down. 

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