Wednesday, June 22, 2011


My Mom always told me she loved my hair.  She said my curls were beautiful and she wished she had curly hair.  I thought she was just saying that because she was my Mom and she had to - or she was crazy.  I absolutely HATED my hair!  It was thick, and curly, and frizzy, and out of control.  I had to spend a lot of time fixing it and I straightened it a lot. I didn't want frizzy curls.  I wanted smooth, straight, perfect hair!

Well, I eventually learned to embrace my curls.  I still wanted straight hair but I learned to live with it and accept my destiny.  I thought maybe my children would have perfect hair and that would make up for all the years of agony.  Well guess what....

My dear daughter ended up with my curls

and my son ended up with hair that sticks straight up in the air.

At least Parker's hair is straight....

The funny part is, just like my mom said to me, I tell Alexa that her curls are beautiful (and I mean it).  I guess maybe my Mom really did mean it to. And...I think Parker's hair is cute too.

So just know when you see pictures of my children, I really did comb their hair that day and it did look cute at one point.  It just doesn't stay that way for long.  For instance, both of the kids' hair looked pretty darn good on this particular day but by the time I found the camera and got Parker positioned just right in Alexa's lap, this is what we end up with:

 You may not know it by the picture, but this is Alexa laughing really loud.

But you know what, no matter what their hair looks like, I love these little munchkins so much!

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  1. Could they get any cuter? My mom told me that my hair was fabulous too! It was out of control huge and I still hide pictures of when I was in junior high! And now, after 3 kids, it has lost most of the curl (that I was finally beginning to love) and now I miss it! Here's to hoping for Audrey to get them!!!