Sunday, January 17, 2010

December Updates

This month Alexa turned 13 months old! The biggest accomplishment for her this month was that she learned to walk!! She was such a fast/efficient crawler that she hadn't really made walking a priority until then. She's pretty much mastered it now although in December, I couldn't get her to walk in shoes (which she now does). Here are some highlights from December:

Tis the season for cookies!! I love making Christmas cookies and this year I had a little helper.

Alexa modeling her tutu that my friend, Kelli, made for her. Isn't it cute!
Auntie Jill came to visit!! Yeah!! Wish she got to come home more often. We miss you!

Alexa's new tunnel which she loves. Note to all you grown ups out there, it's not as easy to crawl through as you may think.

Vroom, vroom!! Alexa's first vehicle. Watch out!

In December it snowed, it snowed some more, and it just didn't seem like it would ever stop snowing. Snow is nice on Christmas but I don't really care for it the rest of the time. Why do I live in Nebraska again? Here's Paul trying to get to the storage shed in the backyard to get the gas can because yes we caved and purchased a snow blower! I of course used a coupon and got a pretty good deal. And I think Paul would say it was worth it!!

Snow does have it's good qualities, one of which is sledding! This is Alexa's first time sledding. I think Daddy may have been having more fun.

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