Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Alexa's First Birthday

So I know I am way late in getting this posted, but better late than never right? On November 5th, Alexa turned ONE!! I could hardly believe it - it seems like this year has flown by and she has changed so much.

My baby is ONE!

Alexa absolutely loved her birthday cake! We hadn't given her much for sweets before this time so it was pretty funny. She was leery at first but once she had a taste she couldn't get enough.

Opening gifts. Alexa wasn't too interested in opening gifts so her cousins Loghen & Foster helped out. I'm sure this will change as she gets older.

The kids (Savannah, Foster, Alexa, Madysen, & Loghen). Each time Savannah has come to visit, Alexa REALLY wants to play with her and this day was no exception. We told Alexa that Savannah is too little to play but she just didn't understand. Everyone thought Alexa needs her own little brother or sister to play with but Daddy says "No way". Do you think he'll change his mind?

My parents (Tom & Celia) and my brother (John) with Alexa

Paul's Mom & Dad (Donn & Cheryl), his sister (Taryne) and niece and nephew (Foster & Loghen) with Alexa

I love my Grandpa's smile in this picture. He's with my brother John

My grandpa Gene & his friend Cathy with Alexa and I

My great-uncle Dick, uncle Duane, great-aunt Edith, and aunt Kathy with Alexa and I

My co-worker & friend, Angela, and her daughter, Savannah.

Our friends, Drew & Suzanne, and their daughter Madysen!

Alexa and Madysen playing (I absolutely love Madysen's hair!)

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  1. Ahhh ... come on Paul .... SHE NEEDS A SIBLING :)