Sunday, May 10, 2009

First Mother's Day

Being a Mother is such a wonderful gift and I have much to be thankful for this Mother's Day! Here are some pictures of our little one over the past month or so.

Alexa has really learned how to put on the charm!

Alexa on her 6th month b-day and right after she started her first day of her new daycare at Tabitha (where Sara works). It has been so great to have Alexa close by during the day. I get to see her at lunch and they bring her over during the day to come visit me!

Alexa is really starting to like new foods (except for rice cereal which she can't stand). It's always funny when she tries something new because she makes the greatest faces. This time we were trying carrots. Mmmm!

At Easter I decided we should color eggs. I know Alexa could care less but it's a family tradition that I wanted to start early. So...reluctantly Paul helped and I think he did a pretty good job!

This is how Alexa ALWAYS falls asleep - with her hands up in the air.

Daddy and Alexa
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  1. How nice to have her close by you during the day! Hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day! She's SUPER precious!!! (And Eli has a thing for falling asleep like that too ... I can't imagine it's comfortable??)

  2. You are so fortunate to have Alexa so nearby during the day at work. I would LOVE that! However, I'd probably not get much work done because I'd always rather play with Isaac than do anything that involves working. Anyhow, I just can't get over how adorable Alexa is! She is just SO CUTE!!!! I'm sure you squeeze her and cover her in kisses every day. :)

    Happy Mother's Day. It is such a joy and privilege and blessing and indescribable gift, isn't it? :)