Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Belly

So for all of you who have been asking to see belly pictures here they are...I'm torn between thinking my growing belly is very exciting and very overwhelming at the same time. I feel like a whale most days and I seem to be incredibly clumsy since my balance is off. Also since I'm at home and not allowed to do much except eat I'm sure I'm going to get that much bigger. But all of that is OK as long as baby girl stays where she's at for a little while longer.

June 9, 08 -- Week 13

September 7, 08 -- Week 26

October 28, 08 -- Week 33


  1. You look beautiful, Sara! I can totally relate with how you're feeling since I was right in your shoes not too long ago (seems like a lifetime ago although it has only been a little over three months!). As you look forward to Baby Girl, know that meeting her for the first time and holding her in your arms (finally) will be worth every discomfort and frustration of pregnancy! :) What will her name be (or is it a secret)?


  2. You look great! I carried both boys so low in comparison. Can you breathe??